Our Approach

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a life-long process that integrates all different sides of your finances and designs advantageous strategies that make you achieve your goals successfully.

In our years of experience we have seen confirmed over and over that Personal Financial Planning is very personal. You might need guidance different than another client in the same circumstances, depending on your personality, your personal preferences and your options. We use a Life Planning Approach to get to know you.

Financial Planning Process

In all our Financial Planning we will use the process described in the Standard of Professional Conduct in the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

  1. Establish the Scope of the Engagement – We start with an exploratory meeting to find out what help you need. You will know what to expect from us as well as what you will need to do. Our fees are always disclosed, up front, before we begin.
  2. Gather Information – We will ask for lots of information: Financial and Personal Information. If we do not have a complete picture of you and your situation, our ability to make quality recommendations is severely hampered.
  3. Analyze the Situation – After collecting information, we will analyze all the possible solutions and run computer simulations to test the probability of success.
  4. Recommend the Plan – Our advice is always based upon what we believe to be in your best interest. After sharing the recommendations we ask for your feedback and we will modify your plan to provide you with a useful plan that you will implement.
  5. Implement the Plan – You can choose how to implement the plan, do it yourself or with our help. We manage your investments so you can turn your attention to something else or you manage your portfolio yourself. You have to let us know in advance, as this might have an impact on our advice. After the need is identified, we can assist you in buying products and refer you to other trusted experts. We will work with other professionals to make sure their advice and work will be in your best interest.
  6. Monitor and Adjust the Plan – Life constantly changes and so will your financial plan. We build a trusted relationship with you that will last a long-time and assist you on an ongoing basis with life changes as they come.
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