Wealth Management

1. Portfolio Management

After we present our financial plan and agree on your asset allocation, you will transfer your accounts to our custodian so we can manage your money. We will design a solid portfolio with low-cost mutual funds and index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

We will implement all changes for you and monitor your investments during the year. We will rebalance when necessary and make use of tax advantages (setting off losses against gains, taking tax deductions for losses). You will get regular statements from the custodian and we will send you our quarterly statement. You will feel secure about the management of your money and be able to pay attention to your other priorities.

On-Going Services include:

  • Yearly goal tracking
  • Ongoing asset and investment management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Regular tax planning to optimize your current and future tax situation
  • Regular review of your estate plan and beneficiary designations
  • Yearly update of insurance needs, including assistance with  ”shopping” for coverage
  • Major expense planning – college, major purchases, business planning
  • Long-range and lifestyle planning

We check in with you at least every quarter, with one in person meeting for the annual review and more if necessary. We are also available for any questions during the year. We will charge you a fee based on your Assets under Management.

In addition to assist you in the implementation of our recommendations we can meet with you and your attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, accountants and other financial specialists. This helps to make certain all are working together to help you reach your goals.

2. Implementation Assistance and on-going financial advice:

  • If you want to manage your own portfolio or just start out investing: We build a customized portfolio for you with low-cost mutual funds and index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) a portfolio that you can invest for yourself at the institution of your choice. Click here to see our investment philosophy.
  • We can refer you to other trusted professionals and help you with buying insurance, getting a mortgage, preparing your tax return or consult with estate lawyers or elder care attorneys (we never charge or get referral fees)
  • After the implementation we will monitor your portfolio annually and update your financial plan.

We check in with you at least every quarter. We are also available for any questions during the year. We will charge you an on-going retainer fee depending on the complexity of your situation to be paid quarterly or if you prefer an hourly fee.

Investment Management Philosophy

We believe that a disciplined approach to investing based on Academic Research will provide our clients with sustainable and explainable results. We do not take ‘bets’ on securities, sectors or markets. We focus on risk and behavioral factors that historically have out-earned the market as a whole and design well-diversified client portfolios.

We think that risk and return are related and that the structure of your portfolio determines the performance. Costs matter! We use low-cost index funds and ETFs to build our portfolios and have a long-term perspective, in general only trading for tax management and rebalancing, which will improve your performance.

We build a diversified asset allocation and then design your customized portfolio keeping in mind low-volatility, low-cost, tax considerations, and your personal goals and objectives, including liquidity needs.

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