Financial Planning

We always start out with a Financial Plan and then decide upon an investment strategy

Your Financial Plan is a roadmap for achieving your goals in which we will review and discuss, depending on your personal situation and questions:

  • Your net worth
  • A cash flow statement
  • A retirement planning analysis, Social Security Planning
  • Retirement savings and/or withdrawal strategies
  • Estate planning analysis
  • Risk assessment, insurance review and recommendations
  • Tax planning
  • Investment analysis and Portfolio advice: After evaluating your goals and risk tolerance we create a customized Asset Allocation and we analyze your current portfolio. You will receive recommendations where it would be advisable to make changes.

If all you need is guidance to answer some questions or if parts of the financial plan are more important to you than others we can concentrate on those; i.e. a Cash Flow Analysis, a Retirement Plan, Transition Counseling, Buying a house, a Retirement Withdrawal Strategy, an Investment Portfolio Review or College Savings Strategies.

Implementation of Financial Plan

What is a financial plan if it is not implemented? We find the implementation is as important and you can choose how we can assist you.

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