Getting Started

Financial Planning and On-Going Wealth Management

It is helpful to start with a phone call or an email in which we learn about your goals and expectations for an advisory relationship. After we agree that there is a ‘match’ between the services we provide and your needs we can schedule a time for a personal Introductory meeting.

In the Introductory meeting we want to get to know you. In our financial advisory relationship your financial information and your personal information is equally important.

We will establish your specific goals and determine the scope of an engagement. We will also estimate the fee for the engagement, which starts with a Financial Plan and depends on the complexity of your situation.

To be most efficient and effective in our meeting we ask you to prepare by gathering your most important financial documents and completing our questionnaires. Upon scheduling your Introductory meeting we will send you our Questionnaires.

Click here for a List of Key Documents Needed, so you can get started now.

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