Transition To Joy and Wealth

Luesink Stenstrom Financial is unique in that we don’t only look at your numbers, but talk to you about where you want to go, what you really value in your life and then create a financial life plan to support your goals. We guide you through life and difficult life events, adjusting your plan when necessary and manage your money with your goals in mind, using a disciplined approach rooted in proven Nobel-prize winning academic research.

Our clients come from all walks of life – young professionals, mid to late career, retirees, business owners or those in the middle or preparing for a major life transition; foremost those who value our work together and are passionate about their goals.

Financial Planning

We always start with a Financial Plan.

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Wealth Management

Our on-going services are meant to guide you through life.

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Transition Management

We are specially trained to guide you through those life-changing Life Events.

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